Beyond the Gym

One of the hottest trends in fitness is taking workouts beyond the gym. SilverSneakers FLEX celebrates this trend with group classes offered outside of traditional gym locations. FLEX classes may be held at recreation centers, retirement communities, pools, parks and other local venues.

All of the classes are conducted by certified instructors and, so far, more than 70 types of classes are included in FLEX. They range from tai chi to boot camp and Latin dance to yoga. Class locations and types are always expanding and we love getting your ideas for new ones. The possibilities are nearly endless. Getting fit and having fun in your neighborhood: What's not to like?

Ready for Something Different?

FLEX isn’t the gym

Fitness today isn’t just lifting weights and running on treadmills. Yoga, tai chi, boot camp and other group activities are changing how and where we exercise. FLEX embraces that change with classes located outside the gym and in your community.


You can have both

FLEX doesn’t replace your gym privileges. It complements them. You have unlimited access to all FLEX classes and all of the gyms in the SilverSneakers network. Have your cake and eat it too (then work off the calories).


Creative Options

You seem adventurous. FLEX offers more than 70 (sometimes exotic) classes to try. From hiking groups to Aqua Fitness, we promise not to bore you. Got an idea for a new class? Wanna see a class in a particular location? Let’s hear your ideas.

Submit your Suggestions

Great Instructors

FLEX classes are small, welcoming and led by enthusiastic instructors. Instructors even include their personal contact info in the class locator so students can really get to know them. And of course our FLEX instructors are all certified.