Millions of SilverSneakers members have taught us a powerful truth: Fitness is personal. You should exercise where, when and how you want. That's why we've built a national network of 13,000 gyms and fitness centers. Use the pool at one location in the morning. Jog on a treadmill at another in the afternoon. Take a class at another gym in the evening. All of the gyms. All of the time. They're all yours. Just about everything at the gym is yours. Smoothies and massages? Sorry. Not included. But consider everything you DO get.

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A national network

The SilverSneakers network includes thousands of locally owned gyms and nationally recognized brands in fitness. You get access to all of them, all of the time. You’ll never run out of choices.

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Exercise Your Options

Lift weights, swim laps, or take a group class. Equipment, classes and amenities vary by location, of course, but you can visit them all. How do you want to exercise today? The options are nearly endless.

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Smoothies not Included

All the gyms and amenities are yours. Weight machines? Treadmills? They’re yours. Pools, saunas, courts, classes? Yours. Everything is yours (within reason). Want a smoothie? You gotta pay. Special services like massages are also gonna cost you. But NEARLY everything is yours.

Fitness for your wallet

Of course health is worth the cost but wouldn’t it be great to have a no-cost membership at thousands of gyms? We think so too. That’s why we partner with health plans and fitness locations across the country to create a priceless network of gyms just for you.