Improve Lives, Reduce Costs

For more than 20 years, health plans and employer groups have seen the benefits of partnering with SilverSneakers, the premier fitness program for boomers and beyond. While the program does include access to thousands of gyms, SilverSneakers is not a “gym membership.” It is a comprehensive program built specifically to help older adults experience their best health in mind and body.

Our comprehensive program includes cutting-edge proprietary programming, an expansive high-quality network of traditional fitness centers and community-based classes, CMS-compliant marketing, extensive account management support, credentialed fitness experts and much more.

High Member Acquisition

Members ask for SilverSneakers by name. In our 2015 Annual Participant Survey, 78% of new health plan members said this fitness program was an important factor in choosing a plan. And 73% of participants indicated they are likely to recommend their plan to family and friends due to their experience in the program.

High Member Retention

SilverSneakers members are more likely to stay with our clients and partners. We are extremely proud to say that 94% of SilverSneakers participants are satisfied to highly satisfied with their experience. Additionally, 68% report that the program is an important factor in remaining with their plan and 53% reported they are likely to switch plans if the program was no longer offered.

Lower Health Care Cost Claims

More than 35 documented case studies substantiate these facts: SilverSneakers improves the health and lifestyle of participants. Health care cost claims go down as a result. Independent studies demonstrate that people who use the program have reduced costs associated with chronic conditions, depression and overall physical and emotion health.

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